Our Manufacturers

KCH Engineered Systems fume scrubber, packed bed scrubber

Thermoplastic & FRP Fume and Odor Scrubbers, Centrifugal Fans, Air Strippers, Carbon Adsorption, Exhaust Hoods, Process Tanks and FM Approved Duct​ 

ESP, Electrostatic Precipitator

Electronic Air Cleaners – Oil Mist and Smoke Control 

Mesh pad mist eliminator

Mist Eliminators, Tower Packing

Phase Separation 

Thermal Oxidizer, RTO, SNCR SCR

Thermal Oxidizers (Flameless, Regenerative and Direct Fired), Industrial Waste Incinerators, SCR-SNCR for NOx Reduction, Heat Exchangers, Air Heaters, Bio-Oxidation,  
Multifuel Low NOx Burners and Combustor

Centrifugal Fan, Fan Repair, Expansion Joint, Damper

Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Fan Repair, Mechanical Dust Collectors, Material Handling, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Access Doors, Steel Stacks 


Indirect heat exchanger systems 


Process gas and liquid drying

and purification


KCH Fume Scrubber


ProcessBarron Centrifugal Fan